Understanding substance abuse and the effects it poses to our society

A drug is any substance that when introduced into the body, has the result of altering normal body functions. In the long run, the effects end up being harmful. In recent years the practice has become widespread, and it has ended up affecting our society negatively. The young in our community lead when it comes to substance abuse. The practice is a dangerous trend that needs to be discouraged if they are to have a good future.

What are the prevailing trends when it comes substance abuse

Drug abuseThere are a variety of drugs that people indulge. Alcohol, marijuana, tobacco heroine and cocaine are some of the drugs that people have over the years abused. The main reason why people use such drugs is to get the feeling of highness. It may start off innocently but drugs are very addictive, and with continued use, one gets hooked and cannot survive without taking the substance.

Issues that motivate people to use drugs

Life is full of challenges, and for most people, the issues become too much to bear. In such situations, some people result to use of drugs to help them forget and cope with the harsh reality. They strive to get high to ignore the current challenges. The approach is a poor way of solving issues as once the effect of the drug dies out; an individual will have to deal with the problems they were trying to avoid.

What are the effects of drug abuse

It may seem like a harmless habit for beginners, but the use of drugs is dangerous. Drugs such as tobacco have various carcinogenic chemicals which expose your body to many ailments. Excessive use of drugs such as alcohol also exposes the body to diseases such as liver cirrhosis which is fatal.

The society suffers significantly from drug abuse. Individuals who overindulge are not productive and in most cases require the support of their families to meet their basic needs. Drug abuse is the among the leading causes of family quarrels and even breakups. Such situations leave children in very desperate situations.

What are the possible ways that we can remedy the situation

The effects of drug abuse in our society today are too many to ignore. For a user, the first step is acceptance.It is essential for them to so that they can seek help. As a society, we have the habit of victimising drug addicts and ignoring they are people who need help. For proper reforms to take place, we must make them feel accepted and support them through the rehabilitation process.

The government is at the forefront of discouraging drug abuse. Through the relevant authorities, rehabilitation centres are now available, and victims of drug addiction can receive counselling and guidance as they strive to stop the habit. Over the years, awareness has been made on the use of drugs and what challenges one is likely to face. Such measures have been very beneficial in the fight against the evil that is drug abuse in our society.